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Special offer terms &

Money-Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions for Orchestrador’s Special Offer

  1. Eligibility: This Money-Back Guarantee applies to the Orchestrador Special Offer Plans only, which includes a 12-month Wix subscription, a Starter, Professional or Elite Package, and two months of premium support.

  2. Duration of Guarantee:

    • For the Wix Standard subscription component, the money-back guarantee is valid for 14 days from the date of purchase of the WIX package, aligning with Wix's own refund policy.

    • The customer will be informed in writing when the website is upgraded to a paid plan.

    • For the Starter Package and premium support services, the money-back guarantee is also for 14 days from the date of the WIX upgrade. Orchestrador will try to make the date of purchase the day before the final delivery, but this cannot be guaranteed.

  3. Conditions for Refund:

    • Refunds will be considered in cases of non-satisfaction with the service, non-delivery of promised features, or failure to meet service quality standards.

    • Customers must provide a valid reason for the refund request and provide evidence of non-satisfaction or non-delivery.

  4. Process for Claiming a Refund:

    • Customers seeking a refund must contact Orchestrador’s customer support within the guarantee period by emailing

    • The refund request must include the customer's name, contact information, purchase details, and a clear explanation of the reason for the refund as instructed in point 3 of this page.

    • Orchestrador reserves the right to verify the validity of the refund request and to request additional information or evidence if necessary.

  5. Limitations and Exclusions:

    • Refunds do not apply to any part of the service that has already been utilized or consumed by the customer, such as completed consulting sessions.

    • Refunds are only applicable to the fees paid for the Orchestrador Special Offer and do not cover any additional expenses incurred by the customer.

  6. Termination Policy:

    • If Orchestrador terminates the service, no refunds will be offered for completed work. If paid sessions or work has not been delivered, a refund for the relevant portion will be provided.

    • If the customer terminates the service, refunds will not be provided unless previously agreed in writing according to this agreement and the general terms and conditions.

  7. General:

    • This Money-Back Guarantee is part of Orchestrador’s commitment to customer satisfaction and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

    • The guarantee terms are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the European Union.

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